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3D Networks Co., Ltd. is a subordinate subsidiary of the famous Asia-Pacific IT investment group--Planet One Group and takes the Asia-Pacific and Australia area as business development core.

3D Networks is a large-scale multinational corporation with more than 40 branch offices globally located in 16 countries and regions and is devotes to IT, networks and commercial communication infrastructure building and solutions providing.

Relay on the Group and main corporation background, 3D Networks (China) integrated global resources superiority and brought excellent value to customers through the provision of management services and end-to-end solutions, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and optimize customer costs.

3D Networks respectively established branches, offices and service centers in Beijing, Shanghai , Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other major 20 cities; the radiation scope expands year by year. 3D Networks (China) has successfully provided professional solution about voice, data and contact center for thousands of customers covering various industries such as hospitality, contact center and commerce through unceasingly enriching solutions product range, improving solution quality and constantly upgrading customer service. Company scale and and the industrial reputation of 3D Networks (China) grew rapidly through continuously introducing the world leading technology and products, strengthening the global partnership and close collaboration with many outstanding partners for many years.

In the flourishing Chinese market, 3D Networks (China) will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of development and innovation in the future, satisfy customers and strive to become the recognized leader in offering end-to-end integrated communication services and solution to both global MNCs and major Chinese customers.

Planet One Group:

Planet One Group is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in 11 countries around world that is mainly composed by 3D Networks, Net ProActive Service and FCS Computer S
3D News
3D Networks cooperates with Wanda Reign hotels
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3D Networks keeps Octave Sangha Retreat project going smooth
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3D Networks CEO awarded as “2016 Leader of China Solution Providers”
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3D Networks ranks 2016 TOP30 Brand Influence of China’s Solution Providers
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3D Networks indirectly enters Shanghai Disneyland
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3D Networks made it into the  2017 VAR500
On June 30, 3D Networks’ Operations Manager Binggang Hou returned to Beijing from the China ISV Ecosystem Summit in glory bearing a 2017 VAR500 certificate from the Summit!…
Congratulations on 3D Networks for obtaining qualification…
On January 28, 2016, 3D Networks obtained qualification as Grade II Professional Contractor of Electronic and Intelligent Engineering with approval by Ministry…
3D Networks’ Shenzhen office has relocated
Our new Shenzhen office is located in the Zhongzhou Holdings Building.Our new Shenzhen office is located in the Zhongzhou Holdings Building.As a 5A Super-Grade office building, it brings together…
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